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About Monkitree

bo- CopyWhen Peter and I first met many years ago, we discovered right away that we both had a love of art, craft and historic buidlings. At the time we were living in Washington, D.C. We began walking around the city admiring buildings and talking about how we could buy an old building, open a gallery/shop in it, and live in it. Talking turned into searching online for commercial buildings in the US and Canada (Peter is Canadian). We fell in love with a building in Gardiner, Maine then fell in love with the community.

In 2010, we opened Monkitree as a fine art and craft gallery showcasing the work of artists from Maine and around the country. In 2012 we introduced our website, making it possible for people around the country and around the world to experience Monkitree. If you are in Maine, stop in to visit. As always, Bo our boxer will be here to greet you.


Clare Marron and Peter Malyon