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Does the Sun Shine for Everyone?

by Kifah Abdulla, Nabaa Alobaidi, Yoon S. Byun and Hanji Chang

kifah - Copy

Almost every American has an immigrant story in their family history. For some it is a more recent history but all came looking for a chance at freedom, security, and hope. We are, all of us, human. We have hopes and dreams. We are all struck by beauty and, therefore, art has the ability to bring people together.


With Does the Sun Shine for Everyone?, Monkitree will showcase several artists.

Among them are:

  • Yoon S. Byun will show photographs from his project 95%- Introducing the Minority to the Majority.
  • Kifah Abdulla explores social, spiritual and cultural themes in his paintings.
  • Hanji Chang, artist and animator, has created portraits of immigrants who have changed the world.
  • Nabaa Alobaidi, artist and jewelry designer, will showcase her Pyrography.