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Maine: Always in Season
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Opening September 5th


The seasons in Maine have captured the imaginations of Jim and Fran Townsend since their relocation here from Vermont nearly 15 years ago. Totting cameras and equipment, this husband and wife team of photographers/artists has traveled from coast to mountains in all seasons. As they wander Maine, the couple ascribe to the idea that at any time and place, within 100 yards, a person can find something to photograph or paint. Monkitree Gallery, 263 Water Street in Gardiner will present their work from all seasons in a show entitled “Maine: Always in Season.” The public is invited to join us for the opening reception on September 5th from 5:30-9pm.

Jim, a self-described Red Barn-o-holic, turns his lens on everything from animals to rusted cars. Jim has been a life-long landscaper, stone mason, musician and photographer. He describes his relationship with photography this way, “Photography is not my life, but it may be my religion.” His range of work encompasses his belief that newer genres of photography require different styles and perspectives, and that the art of creative photography is enhanced by the availability of modern digital cameras, filters and processes. HDR photography is Jim’s newest interest, turning traditional imagery into modern works of art.

Fran’s pastel work leans more toward the natural landscapes and streetscapes of Maine. For Fran her paintings capture not only a landscape, she explains, “A painting should evoke a memory of a moment once experienced.” She grew up in Vermont, where living, working and playing were inherently connected to the weather, the seasons, the land and the life cycles of plants and animals. Her paintings reflect the subtle colors, shifting light and varied textures in nature.

Monkitree, a fine art and craft gallery, is located in historic downtown Gardiner, Maine. Beyond the opening reception of “Maine: Always in Season,” the show can be seen during regular business hours- Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturdays 12-6 through November 1st, 2014.