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In and Out of the Shadows
by Bridget McAlonan
September 30-November 19

the harvester

Working in both painting and shadow puppetry, Bridget McAlonan, an artist from Topsham, Maine, delves into the concepts of confinement, longing, belonging, and what happens when we aren’t like everyone else. Do we retreat into the shadows or leap out putting forward all that makes us unique? In this show Bridget does both.

The shadow puppetry is black and white with muted color. Bridget has created delicate puppets from detritus. She explains, “This piece of junk is not junk. By making meaning out of junk, we elevate the profane to something more.” In contrast, her paintings are a riot of color. The figures in her paintings are the stuff of dreams or nightmares-bones, teeth and eyes all figure prominently.

Bridget effectively expresses what it feels like to be on the outside, “Not thinking or doing what is expected. But what is important.” With empathy and humor, Bridget conjures the vulnerability and pain as well as the strength and resiliency of the human condition.

In addition to framed puppets, Bridget will be showing video of puppet shows with new surprises through the length of the show.