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Dead Weight
by Scott Minzy
Opening October 13
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Until the mid 1980’s Lobstermen used wooden plugs to close the crusher claw of a lobster leaving the non-lethal claw free.  In this process the lobster was forced to endure a small pain but was allowed the freedom of its pincher claw to communicate and defend itself.  

Rubber Bands replaced lobster plugs at the same time Ronald Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine.   Thus creating a form of intellectual isolationism and overtime a type of polarized mutation that valued force over ideas and ideology over fact.

In this work I conflate the two, imagining a world in which lobster claws, after being bound up with circular reasoning and relentless propaganda,  have mutated horribly.   

In economics, Deadweight refers to losses incurred because of the inefficient allocation of resources.  I believe the inefficient allocation of public airwaves has resulted in the loss of our ability to function as a “more perfect Union.”