Learning Curve
2012.10.25 20:01:00
The push to get the new website up in time for taking orders for Dave Engledow's World's Best Father Calendar resulted in our beginning to take pre-orders on Saturday. October 20th at about 5pm. We did all sorts of testing to make sure orders would go smoothly but as always there are just some things you don't think of or couldn't possibly know about. That was certainly the case with our launch. I want to thank all of the international customers who were patient with us sorting out the international shipping rate and those who made me aware of a problem with the international orders. A special thanks to the woman who called from Germany to let me know exactly what the error message was! Turns out US banks require an address verification that many international banks don't allow. Who knew? A few clicks and that was solved.

As orders began coming in it was exciting and a bit terrifying. Monkitree sits in the city of Gardiner, Maine. A town of about 5,000 people. Sure we are near to the state capital but in reality Maine has less than a million residents. My foot traffic isĀ not high and is mostly event driven. I have new art shows every two months and we have Artwalks in town three times a year. Like most retail I do most of my business in December. So seeing the orders rolling in in October was something new for Monkitree. I have 20 years of retail experience and worked in Washington, D.C. for most of that time but the last few years have been in Maine and you do get used to a slower pace.

Like many people in todays world I stay plugged in. My MonkitreeĀ email arrives on my phone so as orders come in I am aware of it and I have to say it was hard to put the phone down at night. I imagine it would be like checking on an infant to make sure the baby is still breathing. I have no children of my own so Monkitree is my baby and I needed to be sure nothing was wrong. I'd open the email and look to see if there were comments on the order or additional emails coming in from customers having trouble. I am hoping, now that I have a few days of orders under my belt and most of the kinks have been worked out, that I will begin to relax a bit...that is until the calendars arrive and I move onto the next adventure of shipping them all over the world!