What a Ride!
2012.12.11 22:12:40
wbfWhen Dave Engledow's World's Best Father photo series went viral this fall I was a bit nervous about what that would mean. Last year I threw a paypal button up on my website to help Dave sell the 100 calendars he printed. Surely going viral would change things. And boy did they! Dave printed 1500 calendars thanks to the Kickstarter supporters who helped Dave come up with the money needed for the printing cost. 1200 came my way to ship from the Monkitree website. Our brand new Monkitree website! As in hot off the presses.

The calendars arrived and we were off and running. We worked out the kinks and thanks to Peter we were able to keep the labels printing and the packages going out the door.  831 packages with 1200 calendars going all over the world. The World has spoken- Dave Engledow is the World's Best Father. The very first order came from Bree Candland (an excellent music blogger - What Bree Sees) who essentially lives around the corner from Monkitree (she selected in store pick-up). And pulling up the rear was the first person who "liked" Dave's facebook page- Nate McNeil.

If you are interested in seeing where the calendars went off to, Peter created a map using Map Your List. This is not intended to be 100% accurate and does not include the calendars sent to those who supported the Kickstarter campaign. but gives you an idea of the reach of the calendars.

Click here to view the map

A special thank you to Dave for creating the calendar, Alice Bee for being a great sport and Jen for the creation of Alice Bee, supporting Dave's work and your service to our country. Thanks for allowing me to be involved in your success and another big thank you to Peter who helped me with the shipping labels.

Thanks to all who purchased calendars! I hope you enjoy them and if you are giving them as gifts that they are well received!

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2012.12.11 23:28:08

Thanks for the shout out, Clare! I LOVE my calendar! My dad's going to LOVE it, too! I am already looking forward to the 2014 calendar. Too soon!? Bree