Monkitree Has a Cure for Winter Doldrums
2013.01.10 00:54:58
Not that we are having much of a winter so far. We have some 40 degree days coming up… in January! We’ll see how I feel when February rolls around. More likely than not, people will be looking for things to do to get out of the house. Local Color which features Nancy Keenan Barron, Johanna Moore and Megan Bastey is hanging through January 26th and I hope everyone gets a chance to come and enjoy it.

3We are of course working on our next couple of shows and February 1st we are opening Double Vision. It features the work of Jim and Fran Townsend, a husband-wife team of photographers/artists from Richmond, Maine. The show represents the point where their passions converge and diverge. As a husband and wife they share life but see it through their own artistic filter and bring to you the viewer their individual interpretation of the world around them. Fran works primarily in pastels and chooses local scenery for inspiration. Jim is a photographer who believes that newer genres of photography require different styles and perspectives, and that the art of creative photography is enhanced by the availability of modern digital cameras, filters and processes. Jim has had pieces in group shows here at Monkitree and I am excited to showcase more of his work and look forward to seeing Jim and Fran’s work together. When I joked with Jim about this show taking place around Valentine’s Day there were some comments about exploding hearts…that said, artwork does make a lovely Valentine’s gift :)

And opening in the Spring, The Lost Maps of Norumbega by artist/cartographer Ken Gross opens April 5th. Working in block print, ink illustration and watercolor, Ken explores the world around him. As Ken put it-

“After many years of claiming that Cartography is an art in and of itself, I have been given an opportunity to prove it. I have been invited to present an art show composed strictly of maps…as art.”

I personally can’t wait to see how this show shapes up. More information to come…