The Power of Art
2013.08.06 21:43:46

It has been a while since I have written anything. Life is busy. I returned from a vacation in Calgary in July and began preparing for the current show- What's in a Name? I took advantage of having Peter and his kids in town to be especially ambitious and rearranged the entire space and added new shelves and a card rack in time for the opening/Artwalk on August 2nd. I am amazed we got it all done but it always seems to come together.


Which brings us up to opening night. The artists Marsha Proud Coelho and Peggy Cope Mascher arrived just after a downpour I worried might keep people away. Fortunately things cleared up and downtown filled up with with people ready to see art and socialize. Early on a woman came up to me and said, "Where do I know you from?" I was certain that she had been in before. She insisted she had never been in before. We were both at a loss but were sure we would come up with how we knew each other. Later in the evening she was standing with her grown daughter. Just as I walked up the daughter's earring fell out. She explained that whenever her earring falls out something important happened. She then asked the artist to come with her over to one of her paintings. She shook as she looked at it. The painting moved her in a way I had never seen before. She decided to purchase the painting, her first art purchase. I remember buying my first piece of art. It was exciting but I dare say I have yet to be so moved to the point of a physical reaction. Something to look forward to I suppose.


A bit later in the evening her mother, the woman who I was sure I knew from somewhere came up and said, "I remember how I know you." I walk Bo down at the waterfront every day. Many days for the last few years there is a woman who would sit in her car looking at the river in the morning. Bo would always pull me over to her and they would greet each other. This probably happened at least once a month for years. Well this was THAT woman. We had greeted each other, talked about dogs but never introduced ourselves. I had never seen her outside of her car, and now she was standing in my gallery and her daughter was buying her first piece of art. And I was so thankful that she figured it out becasue I was sure it was going to keep me up at night trying to remember where in the world I knew her from. I should have known it was Bo.