This Place Matters
2018.05.25 22:55:48

May is Preservation month and we celebrated by having facade work done. The 4th floor of our building needed some TLC. 200sf of rotting boards were replaced and repainted, some crumbling parging was repaired and we are looking good as new. Well almost. There are a few windows that still need the trim painted but that will happen early next week.



It is funny that on a day when the street is full with cars, with several buildings undergoing facade work thanks to a matching grant, I still found myself frustrated with people saying the following online in response to a posted photo from the 1950's-

"What a thriving, busy, nice town it used to be!!"

"Those days are long gone. Gardiner will NEVER be like that again."


Well sure, it was thriving then and sure it will never be like it was again. And sure these are statements being made by people fondly remembering their youth. I went out onto the street and took a few pictures because the street was full, it is indeed a thriving, busy and nice town.