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Blech! This isn't my milk.
2013.10.24 02:15:09

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The current show "Is this my milk?" has been up since September 27th and will be up until November 23rd. The show features the work of Mary K, Jeff and Denae Spencer and expresses their emotions relating to caring for Mary K's mother who had Alzheimer's. The work is very personal. Mary K was clear from the start that she wanted to express the joy and humor of her experience. Mary K created 422 ceramic milk glasses which were decorated with the words, "Is this my milk?" The display of glasses was a very powerful statement about dementia and the constant questions those caring for loved ones with dementia experience. Her mother asked "Is this my milk?" a lot. Only once did she take a sip from a glass that didn't contain her milk. To mark that ocassion, Mary K made a single glass for herself that said, "Blech! This isn't my milk." She brought that the night of the opening and sure enough people loved the "Blech!" glass. Yesterday Mary K dropped off five "Blech!" glasses. Now there are four.

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