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Better Late Than Never?
2014.09.11 23:05:29

bike maineMy last post was about winter ending and here we are going into fall. No excuses. I just didn’t make time for writing. It was a beautiful summer that included a vacation, for that I am grateful. We just had riders from Bike Maine in town a couple days ago. 275 bicyclists from around the state, country and world are riding to 5 different Maine towns. It was a great opportunity to show off our gorgeous little city and for me to show off Monkitree. I made sure to have all my bicycle themed items in stock and we had a great time. They had their evening meal out on the street and many people snuck out of line to see if I would be open when they were finished eating. My response, “I am here as long as you are.” I was busy until 8pm and had a fantastic time meeting the riders and volunteers. The volunteers included a group of kids from Westbrook High School who have a school program on bike repair.


I need to focus on the upcoming holiday season. Yes, Christmas will be upon us in a flash! So I am preparing. I need to get more items up on the website. I am a bit behind. Swine and Stein is in October. My favorite event in Gardiner! Music, beer, food. What’s not to love? In addition to organizing the first annual Beard and Mustache Competition at Swine and Stein, I am working on a trunk show that I will tell you more about when I work out some of the details. Very exciting! Of course there will also be a new show in November so I have that to take care of as well. So suddenly my life speeds up. Fun!


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