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My Favorites
2012.11.09 02:51:20

cheese-marker-1.jpgOk so my favorite things change like the wind. Certainly if I have it at Monkitree I really like it but we all have favorites. As I am typing this it is freezing rain outside and my fingers are cold. It might be 68 degrees in here (I keep the heat low...fuel oil is expensive!). So you might think my favorite at the moment would be something to keep me warm like a scarf but my mind went right to food. Which got me thinking about a nice glass of wine and a selection of cheeses. I love these cheese markers. They make me want to have a party! They are laser cut acrylic and come with a dry erase marker for writing the names of cheese on the animal the cheese comes from. Brilliant. A goat cheese. Write the name on one of the goats in the set. A nice Cashel Blue? Write that on a cow. You get the idea.

Of course if I'm having wine and cheese, I would also want some nice cured meats. Certainly one would need a nice board to place them on. And that makes me realize I don't have enough boards up on the site yet. So instead of imagining myself at a party with fantastic cheeses and cured meats (and wine!) I should get back to work!

I wonder what wines I have at home :)

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