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Support Local Businesses This and Every Holiday Season
2012.11.14 01:34:35
buylocal smIn December of 2010, I wrote a blog post about support local businesses. Imploring people to buy from the small retailers instead of the big chains to keep money in our communities. I went back and read it today. Of the five small local businesses I mentioned in that post only two remain- Monkitree and the A 1 Diner. Of course all the chain stores I mentioned are still going strong. So I figured I'd get an early start this year and encourage everyone a bit earlier to shop small retailers and shop local this Holiday Season. For every $100 you spend at a local business $68 stays in your community compared to $43 at a chain.

I have recently discovered that this is far from a new concept. A friend who works in the archive room at the Gardiner Public Library told me she has come across ads from the 1800's imploring people to shop local and keep their money in their community. So what can you find locally? Well here in Gardiner we have some new Pop-Up stores for the Holiday Season. So in addition to Monkitree, Sara Sara's and Reny's you will also find- Earthbound, Trinkets and Treasures, and Pooch's Second Hand Store.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday get a lot of attention with their flashy deals, it is Small Business Saturday that will do the most for your community! 


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