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The Havener Sisters follows Abbott’s Reach and Pink Chimneys in Ardeana Hamlin’s collection of nineteenth century Maine novels. The story follows the Havener triplets as an unexpected economic crisis gives them a new perspective on their aging lives. When China Havener decides to explore her home state, making photographs along the way, she does not realize how that decision will affect her life forever. China’s choice prompts her sisters, India and Persia, to make their own changes, turning these identical triplets into three individuals. The Havener Sisters showcases three women who think they have lost their youth only to find the opposite. Hamlin returns to the setting and characters that have made her Pink Chimneys series a favorite of thousands of readers in this well-researched and emotional novel. Her latest will transport the reader back to an earlier time at the dawn of suffrage and the Industrial age in the Northeast.

Soft cover, 328 pages

Book 3 in series

The Havener Sisters

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