Current Show

Monkitree will be showing the work of Natalie Ann Gardner

April 13- May 31

Deviating her traditional medium of choice in pottery in order to focus on the paper quilling, Gardner expresses vibrancy, hope, and dedication through a series of 10 artworks. Created through painstakingly rolling up small strips of paper onto a watercolor or cut paper backround, her pieces contain a unique textural and/or floral nature. 

Up Next

Exploring Maine: a maker's journey
Opening July 20th

Potters explore new shapes and designs with Maine in Mind.  

Central Maine Clay Artists offer artistic and functional designs that allow you to take Maine with you. Each of the clay artists has their identifiable style but with this show they are exploring new shapes and designs that gather inspiration from the state that offers so much- powerful ocean, scenic lakes, rugged mountains, delicate wildflowers, exceptional dining, dramatic seasonal changes, and so much more.