Current Show

The Eyes Have It
Through November 5th
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The "Eyes" Have It

 “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” ~ Anthony Douglas Williams


Barbara Chase, an acrylic artist living in Waterville, Maine, paints a wide variety of subjects. In this show she focuses on animals, specifically focusing on the eyes, “I love to find animals, birds and even bees that have distinctive eyes.” Barbara likes to present a subject that is staring at the observer, providing an “animal to human” connection.

The show can be seen at Monkitree-263 Water Street, Gardiner, ME September 14th through November 5th during regular shop hours- T/W 10-4, Th/Fr 10-5, Sat 10-4.

Impressions from Nature in Beeswax
By Ann Rhinehardt

Ann Rhinehardt’s paintings are a visual expression of her love of nature, exploring organic forms through color, shape, light and shadow. Working in encaustic, a beeswax-based medium, she creates loosely defined landscapes and abstracts. By adding layer upon layer of wax to each painting, she creates a visual story guided by her emotional and spiritual reactions to the world around her. Vibrant colors peek through the many layers, while other colors play off each other, as she works to convey the atmosphere of that painting.


On the medium, Ann explains, “The nature of encaustic paint allows me to manipulate the surface by building texture, carving into the beeswax, embedding various items or maintaining a glass-like finish. Many of my paintings have 30 or more layers, hinting at depth and complexity that is found when one looks beyond the surface. My intent is to engage all your senses when you experience my work, taking you on a journey into my world.”

Ann's show can be seen at Monkitree beginning November 12th.